7 Things You Should Recycle

//7 Things You Should Recycle

Vehicle Recycling

7 Things You Should Recycle

Recycling your vehicle can help to avoid costly landfill fees and could have a positive effect on the environment. Some of the things you should recycle are:

– Current Gas Mileage – To check your current gas mileage you will need a transponder. This is simply a small device that you place in your engine that transmits the vehicle’s readings to your car’s odometer. By receiving information on the actual miles that you drive you can figure out if you are driving on the correct amount of gas.

– Old Tires – Get rid of all of your old tyres. Any spare, loose or broken tyres you still have will quickly become useless. All the wear and tear that takes place on these tires after use makes them more susceptible to wear and tear during the time it takes to reach the car wash.

– Plastic rubbish – By recycling everything, including your plastic rubbish you can reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in landfill. Whether it is your wrapping paper, bubble wrap or even your plastic containers. By recycling these items you help to reduce your waste.

– Old Oil Filters – Uses an oil filter every three months and throw out the ones that don’t need it. Many people try to prolong the life of their oil filters, but by using them once every three months they are getting their money’s worth.

– Carpet and Vinyl Flooring – Take care to use the correct type of carpet and vinyl flooring. Leaving carpet out under the sun can ruin the material which becomes brittle with heat. Instead, bring your carpet in every six months to look at it and replace any that need it.

– Coffee Mugs and Coffee and Tea Set – Any furniture items that you no longer use. These can go into a single bin for regular recycling or in your compost. If you have a garden shed, put all the furniture items from this into this bin.

– Glass Bottles – Depending on the type of glass bottle you are recycling you will need to purchase a glass bottle holder for each type of bottle. Recycle the containers that you no longer use or would be better used for a new purpose.

– Old Rubber Bands – Recycles them as rubber bands. Rubber bands that are toxic and have a harmful plastic coating are much better to compost than plastic that is resistant to chemicals and is eco-friendly. Not only are these rubber bands very effective in composting, but they are recyclable.

– Yard Trimmings – Utilize your yard trimmings in your compost pile or other recycling process. By using up all the yard trimmings you take off your hands on a daily basis you help to create a healthy environment for yourself and others.

– Dead Fish – Try to keep as many live fish as possible because when you do throw them out they won’t decompose like fish that are already dead. Rather, they will just break down into smaller pieces that are easier to recycle and that won’t do harm to the environment.

Vehicle recycling can be quite rewarding. By utilizing a few simple tips you can help to keep your car as free of toxic materials as possible.